John McAfee Newest Portlandia Cast Member

Will he make like a local and become a shell artist?

(Screencap: KATU)

(Screencap: KATU)

Crazy ol’ John McAfee is still on the lam from police in Belize, but has managed to escape to the U.S.–a lucky turn of fate since he believes Hezbollah is after him. Now in an interview with a local news station, Mr. McAfee revealed that he’s happily settled in Portland, where he plans to stay for awhile, perhaps in an effort to keep the dream of the ’90s alive.

Sipping on coffee from a local beanery and donning a Burberry scarf, Mr. McAfee seems to be settling into his new West Coast life rather nicely, though his outfit could use a few more birds.

We do have one quibble, though. Could a friendly Portlander please let Mr. McAfee know that the blonde dye job is not doing him any favors in the “I’m not a murderer” department? John McAfee Newest Portlandia Cast Member