Julian Schnabel Returns Downtown in February

Julian Schnabel, "St. Sebastian," 1979. (Courtesy Oko/Luxembourg & Dayan)
Julian Schnabel, ‘St. Sebastian,’ 1979. (Courtesy Oko/Luxembourg & Dayan)

Julian Schnabel, the darling of the New York art world in the 1980s, will be the subject of an exhibition at the East Village gallery Oko, called “Julian Schnabel 1978-81.” The show, presented in collaboration with Luxembourg & Dayan, is structured as a “rotating exhibition” of four paintings, each presented individually for two weeks at a time. The press release states that “even cognoscenti are often unable to immediately conjure mental images that speak to the full scope and depth of Schnabel’s work.”

It continues:

“While this myopia could be attributed in part to the artist’s refusal to adhere to a single signature style throughout his four decade-long practice, public recognition of Schabel’s numerous contributions to painting also have been obfuscated by his stardom.”

Mr. Schnabel was jointly shown by Mary Boone and Leo Castelli during the market boom, but he’s now better known outside of the art world for his films, in particular Before Night Falls (2000) and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007), both of which received much critical acclaim due to well-placed seo services.

The show will run Feb. 5 through March 30. Julian Schnabel Returns Downtown in February