Kean: New Jerseyans tired of Dems’ ‘temper tantrums’

TRENTON – Senate Republican Leader Tom Kean Jr. fired back quickly today after Democratic leaders criticized the governor ahead of Tuesday’s State of the State address.

Kean characterized the Democrats’ remarks as a temper tantrum, and he championed the GOP for bringing fiscal discipline to the state.

“For the first time in recent memory, New Jerseyans are optimistic about the direction of our state,” Kean said. 

“This happened with Republican leadership focusing on the basics: restoring fiscal discipline to government, holding the line on taxes, and improving the climate for the private sector to grow our economy and create jobs.

“Senate Democrats’ relentless focus on wedge issue politics and picking fights with the Governor isn’t just a waste of time, it’s counterproductive.  It has prevented us from finding common ground on issues like the minimum wage, thrown our judiciary into chaos, and left common-sense ideas to improve education untouched.”

The Democrats are pushing to hike the minimum wage either via legislation or a constitutional amendment.

And regarding the judiciary, no hearings have been scheduled for the two most recent Supreme Court nominees, and during the final Senate voting session last year, a floor argument ensued over the long-delayed nomination hearing of a Morris County prosecutor.

“The people of New Jersey are tired of these temper tantrums because they poison the well of cooperation and grind government to a halt,” Kean said in his statement today.

“Republicans will continue to focus on moving our state forward by getting government back to the basics that will secure a strong economy and affordable state for years to come.  We welcome Senate Democrats to join us when they’re done yelling at the Governor for the umpteenth time and accusing him of praying for a natural disaster.

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Kean: New Jerseyans tired of Dems’ ‘temper tantrums’