Lawmakers Make 2016 References While Grilling Clinton Over Benghazi

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

For a good portion of the day, outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been testifying before Congress about federal government’s response to the September 11th attacks against the American diplomatic mission in Libya, but that doesn’t mean presidential politics have completely left the room.

Indeed, in front of the House Foreign Affairs Committee earlier this afternoon, Ms. Clinton faced at least two questioners dropping not-so-subtle suggestions regarding her hypothetical campaign for the White House in 2016. Notably, Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch, who represents the Miami suburbs, expressed hope he’ll be seeing Ms. Clinton politicking in his swing state in the future.

“Secretary of Clinton, first I’d like to thank you for the truly remarkable job that you’ve done as Secretary of State,”  Mr. Deutch began. “You have represented the interests of this nation magnificently. I for one hope that, after a bit of rest, you will consider a return to public service. Should that return take you to Florida, I will look forward to welcoming you there.”

It was not only Democrats noting Ms. Clinton’s possible presidential campaign, however. Rep. Steve Chabot, a Republican hailing from Ohio, placed himself in a similar situation.

“Madam Secretary, first let me thank you for your service. I wish you the best in your future endeavors,” he said, pausing before delivering his punchline. “Mostly.”

Ms. Clinton heartily laughed at Mr. Chabot’s remark but otherwise didn’t address the speculation. Lawmakers Make 2016 References While Grilling Clinton Over Benghazi