Medicaid, Lottery resolutions backed in Assembly

TRENTON – The Assembly passed resolutions urging Medicaid expansion and obtaining further legal advice prior to any Lottery privatization, but it held one regarding the administration’s educational funding.

ACR166: Passed 52-15-5. This resolution urges Congress to enact legislation to provide Medicare Part B coverage for incontinence products.

SCR132/ACR170: Passed 45-30. This concurrent resolution urges the governor to support the expansion of the New Jersey Medicaid program as provided for under the federal “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.”

ACR172: This resolution was held. This concurrent resolution notifies the Governor that the Legislature objects to specific recommendations included in the Educational Adequacy Report. 

The resolution opposes the recommendation that the school funding law be modified to decrease the additional weights for students who are at-risk.

The resolution states these recommendations are not based on any research of the school funding level necessary to achieve the state’s standards, as required under the school funding law or as expected by the Supreme Court in its decision.

The resolution also objects to a recommendation to increase the extraordinary special education aid thresholds by $5,000. 

Under current law, a school district may be partially reimbursed for some costs in excess of $40,000, for a special education student served in a district-operated program, or in excess of $55,000, for a special education student served in a privately-operated program. 

This recommendation would reduce the number of students for whom a district may seek a partial reimbursement from the state, and the overall amount of aid that a district would receive. 

“The Legislature objects to this recommendation because it appears to be motivated by a desire to reduce the state’s obligation without regard to the potential fiscal implications for school districts.”

AJR65: Passed 74-0. This joint resolution would designate February of each year as “Turner Syndrome Awareness Month” to raise public awareness of a genetic condition affecting girls and women with a missing or incomplete sex chromosome which can cause a variety of developmental and medical issues, including short stature, infertility, heart defects, and certain learning disabilities.

AR12: Passed 64-6-4.   This resolution urges the United States Food and Drug Administration to  conduct a public education campaign about the dangers of caffeine and other stimulants used in energy drinks, and  promulgate rules concerning the production of energy drinks.

 AR119: Passed 74-0. This Assembly Resolution honors the men and women of the New Jersey National Guard for their sacrifices and exemplary service to this state during Hurricane Sandy. 

AR130: Passed 45-30. This Assembly Resolution urges the governor to seek legal advice from the Department of Justice prior to contracting with a private-sector manager to operate the State Lottery in order to ensure that the contract does not violate federal law.



Medicaid, Lottery resolutions backed in Assembly