Morning Read: 'Texts Back and Forth From the Governor'

(Photo: NY1)

(Photo: NY1)

Orthodox Pundit reported more voters turned out in Hasidic Williamsburg for last summer’s relatively high-profile race for district leader, featuring Lincoln Restler and Chris Olechowski, than for president last November: “In a phenomenon – that may be news to outsiders but not community observers – the presidential elections drew half the number of Hasidic voters that turned out for the recent obscure district leader contest. 1,708 voters pulled the levers on Heyward St. for both presidential candidates combined, versus 3,409 votes that the 2 district leader candidates netted.”

Former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión is apparently now the favorite of the Independence Party in the mayoral race. This is interesting as Mr. Carrión’s ability to get onto the ballot as a Republican needs three GOP county chairs to sign on and is complicated by former M.T.A. Chairman Joe Lhota‘s recent entry into the race.

In the same NY1 report, two Democrats, Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Comptroller John Liu, said they would seek the Independence Party’s ballot line in the campaign for Gracie Mansion, but former Comptroller Bill Thompson rejected it outright. “You know there have been so many allegations that have been made about the Independence Party, things that look like fraud and other concerns about how they added to their membership. So, no, I am going to be seeking the Independence Party line at all,” he said.

John Mancuso, a Democrat who unsuccessfully campaigned against Staten Island Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis last fall, now looks like he has his sights on outgoing Councilman Jimmy Oddo‘s seat. Indeed, Mr. Mancuso filed a campaign committee yesterday.

Another City Council candidate Thomas Lopez-Pierre said he stood by his racially and linguistically explicit email to a supporter of one of his electoral rivals, whom he added was “the poster child for gentrification” and “a traitor to his race.”

“There are so many good people in our community who work day in and day out to teach our kids and make this world a better place without any attention, nor do they seek it,” the supporter, Brian Benjamin, told the Daily News. “Those are the folks who are deserving of our attention — not this guy.”

At a press conference yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo passed on the opportunity to join the crowd of Democrats attacking Mayor Michael Bloomberg for comparing the leadership of city’s teachers union to the National Rifle Association. “I don’t know the context in which he said it,” Mr. Cuomo claimed. “I know the teachers union is very upset about it and I can understand why. It’s not their position on guns, especially at this time. But I don’t know the context. Context is everything.”


When Bob Siracusano, the owner of Sawyer Motors in Saugerties, advertised a 1996 mint condition white Ford Bronco on eBay, he never thought he would get a call from Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The governor wanted to buy a good, reliable used vehicle for his daughter, who just got her driver’s license. Cuomo called the dealership several times asking a salesman about the vehicle and finally the worker told the man, who at that time didn’t identify himself, to call the owner, Siracusano.

The caller the owner several questions as well, including if he was Republican or Democrat, and then told Siracusano he was speaking to the governor.

“There wasn’t a doubt in my mind that wasn’t him because I could tell by his voice,” Siracusano said. “The light came on and I’m saying, ‘I’m speaking to the governor’. And, to get texts back and forth from the governor, that was the best part of it. I would be sitting at home at night and the governor would text me, ‘what about the tires, what about this, what about that, can we do this, can we do that.’”


Investigators are asking questions about the roles of then-Senate Democratic leaders John Sampson and Malcolm Smith and others who were accused of helping the Aqueduct Entertainment Group (AEG) land a multibillion-dollar casino contract three years ago, sources said.

And here’s Congressman Hakeem Jeffries and Senator Diane Savino discussing Hurricane Sandy relief on Up With Chris Hayes over the weekend:

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Morning Read: 'Texts Back and Forth From the Governor'