Morning Read: 'Decide Whether He Wants to Be Dov Hikind'

(Photo: Flickr/governorandrewcuomo)

(Photo: Flickr/governorandrewcuomo)

Headline of the Day: “A Different Kind Of Gun Show? Gov. Cuomo Gets His Flu Shot — And A Lollipop.”

The New York Post‘s editorial board, which has often avoided taking the ax to Governor Andrew Cuomo like it does for other Democratic pols, certainly didn’t hold back in today’s paper. Using words like “near-hysterical” to describe his State of the State speech, the Post attacked Mr. Cuomo’s agenda from every angle. They even dismissed the Adirondack Challenge!

The five GOP county chairms met last night in an attempt to resolve their differences about who their party’s nominee should be in the mayor’s race, but it doesn’t seem like they accomplished very much. “The issue becomes who’s given what commitments to whom and whether we can convince one of the top candidates to run for another office,” the Bronx chairman, Jay Savino, said. “At this moment, everyone is still in the same position they came in at.”

Regardless of who the next mayor is, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said he isn’t sure if he wants to remain the city’s next cop, and rejected a report that he and Council Speaker Christine Quinn had a deal to keep him in place should she win. As to his real long-term plans, he joked, “I want to be one of those greeters at Walmart.”

Two candidates running against Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes are touting their top donors set to emerge in the latest finance report. Attorney Ken Thompson has support from celebrities like Denzel Washington and Chris Rock while former prosecutor Abe George received a $45,000 check from David Boies

Tell us what you really think, former Mayor Ed Koch:

“I think he’s a pompous ass,” Koch tells me about New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.

“If I were running against Chuck Schumer,” he says about New York’s publicity-unshy senior senator, “I would take every one of his Sunday press releases—and there are 52 for as many years as he’s been there—and I would ask, ‘How many of the things he said he was proposing became law?’ I doubt many.”

Koch is downright dismissive of Schumer’s junior colleague, Kirsten Gillibrand, an upstate congresswoman when she was appointed in 2009 to the Senate seat vacated by Hillary Clinton.

“As Chuck Schumer goes, so goes Chuck Hagel,” blared a Politico headline on the biggest nomination fight of the moment. In the story, a “prominent New York Jewish figure” said Senator Schumer “has to decide whether he wants to be Dov Hikind or whether he wants to be a leader.” No pressure or anything.

Senator Simcha Felder, who made yeshiva funding the main issue in his campaign, may be in line to grab the chairmanship of a newly-created subcommittee on New York City education in the chamber. And good luck figuring out all of the new rules that were announced in the dead of night earlier this week, but here’s a guide to help.

For what it’s worth, scandal-tarred Assemblyman Vito Lopez has been a no-show in Albany so far. Morning Read: 'Decide Whether He Wants to Be Dov Hikind'