Morning Read: 'Disquieting Pictures'

(Photo: NY Mag's evaluation of the mayoral race. John Moore/Getty Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

(Photo: NY Mag on 2013. John Moore/Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

Headline of the Day: “The Stress-Free Strategy: Anxiety and the mayoral race.”

Various Staten Islanders weighed in on former MTA Chairman Joe Lhota‘s Republican candidacy for mayor, including Democratic Senator Diane Savino who offered some praise. “Joe Lhota understands how city government works,” she said. “That’s to his advantage. He has real experience to draw on.”

Speaking of Mr. Lhota, presented without comment:

“While serving as the top deputy to former Mayor Giuliani, Joe Lhota (inset) urged the chancellor of the City University to expel students editors of the Hunter College newspaper who published disquieting pictures of Jesus crucified on the cross and wearing a condom.”

It’s not immediately clear why the head of the state’s Republican Party, Ed Cox, is reaching out to an influential preacher to run for mayor at this late stage in the race. But the Daily News notes Mr. Cox and Mr. Lhota’s biggest booster, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, have “a tangled history — the ex-mayor backed a rival when Cox was seeking the state GOP chairmanship.” The preacher, Rev. A.R. Bernard, does not live in the five boroughs.

Former Councilman Sal Albanese went on Road to City Hall last Friday, where he explained why he won’t end his campaign early like he did in his last mayoral campaign: “Back in 2000, when I decided not to run, the main difference was that I really needed a job. I have two daughters in college. It was difficult being a candidate and holding a full-time position, quite honestly. So I decided that I would just terminate that race. This time around, it’s totally different. First of all, I’ve seeded the campaign with a personal loan, I’ve hired staff already. I’m campaigning full-time.”

And on the topic of full-time campaigning for mayor, former Comptroller Bill Thompson will reportedly do just that in March.

Morning Read: 'Disquieting Pictures'