New Jersey ‘Boss’ Chris Christie on This Week’s Cover of Time

(Photo credit: Time magazine.)

(Photo credit: Time magazine.)

Time unveiled its new cover today and it features a stark, head-on portrait of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with “The Boss” written below in red capitals.

Mr. Christie was on Today this morning to talk to Matt Lauer about gun control, Sandy relief and how the political gridlock in New Jersey is superior to that in Washington. Not surprisingly, the magazine cover story came up.

Time magazine last night bumped someone off the cover of their magazine and they put this face of the cover of the issue with the headline ‘The Boss,'” Mr. Lauer said. A Time spokesperson declined to comment on which cover was bumped.

“Now, with all due respect to the guy we both like, Bruce Springsteen, that’s not what they are referring to,” Mr. Lauer continued. “They are referring to the fact that this is your time to take control of the Republican party.”

But being a Boss (capital B) in New Jersey does have some connotations besides rock ’n’ roll, thanks to a certain HBO show. And that connection wasn’t lost on the governor, even if it was on Mr. Lauer.

“I’m reporting Time magazine to the, like, anti-Italian defamation league. I mean, look at that thing. It says ‘boss’ underneath. I mean come on,” Mr. Christie said on Imus in the Morning. Don Imus agreed. “It makes you look like Tony Soprano,” he said.

But really, would Tony Soprano really wear a flag pin, even if it is shaped like New Jersey?

New Jersey ‘Boss’ Chris Christie on This Week’s Cover of <em>Time</em>