New York Post Pulls Fake Weiner Story

Photo credit: Pat's Papers.
Photo credit: Pat’s Papers.

The New York Post pulled a story offline after New York Mag called them out on the erroneous report that one-time congressman Anthony Weiner got a new job.

“Disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner has landed a job after being unemployed for 18 months, his first gig since resigning amid a Twitter sexting scandal,” the Post story said, claiming that Mr. Weiner got a part-time gig  consulting for Madison Avenue brokerage firm Concept Capital Markets.

Kevin Roose called up Robert E. Moore, the CEO of the brokerage firm, who told the business writer that he had never met Mr. Weiner and had not offered him a job. “Concept Capital Markets has not engaged former congressman Anthony Weiner,” Mr. Moore wrote in a memo to his employees this morning.

“The news was all the buzz yesterday at a power breakfast at Winter, a pop-up restaurant run by Loews Regency Hotel as its traditional spot undergoes renovations,” the Post wrote. It seems, though, that the buzz was due to a case of mistaken identity. There is an employee at Concept Capital with the surname Weiner, but his first name is Andrew, not Anthony. Yet another reason that it’s unfortunate to go through life with the last name Weiner.

Although, iMediaEthics found out, the Concept Capital employee’s surname is actually Wiener. So, Mr. Wiener actually has a totally different name than the former congressman. 

The link to the Post story is now dead, but it can still be viewed on other websites. As the real Mr. Weiner could have told the tabloid, it’s really almost impossible to hide embarrassing mistakes once they are on the Internet.

Ironically, it appears that the newspaper also deleted the Twitter link from their feed.

Correction 1/17/12: Media watchdog site iMediaEthics alerted us to the fact that the actual surname of Concept Capital’s employee is actually Wiener, not Weiner as we reported based on The Daily Intel blog post. We regret the error.

<em>New York Post</em> Pulls Fake Weiner Story