Newsweek‘s New Digital Cover Hits Digital Newsstands

Photo credit: Newsweek

Photo credit: Newsweek

Newsweek‘s last print publication went out on December 24, not with a bang but with a hashtag. Today, the newly digital-only publication unveiled a new, all-digital cover for the January 11 issue. And, as befitting the medium, the cover is animated. Can’t do that on old-fashioned, physical newsstands.

“Have We Hit Bottom?” the cover asks. The question refers to the cover story on deep-sea diving “as funding for ocean exploration dries up” (get it?) not the  fact that the one-time high profile weekly print mag is now digital only. The story goes down under with the last human-manned sea expedition before the robots take over. Everything seems to be going digital, doesn’t it?

The cover story is available free, on The Daily Beast site, as is a good portion of the contents. But if you want to subscribe to the full issue, you can download the App on your iPad and subscribe for $2.99 a month or $24.99 a year (just $5 more than a yearly subscription to Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish blog when he takes his blog rogue next month). An individual iPad issue is $4.99. If you have a Kindle Fire, the yearly subscription is $29 and on a Nook, the first two weeks are free. A monthly Nook subscription is $2.99 and an individual issue is $1.99 (the annual price is not listed). Just want the magazine on your iPhone? The Newsweek for iPhone App launches in February. Can’t or won’t wait? Use the Nook IOS App.



<em>Newsweek</em>‘s New Digital Cover Hits Digital Newsstands