NY Post Television Critic Linda Stasi’s New Thriller

9780765334275_p0_v1_s260x420If The Da Vinci Code were written by a television critic, and the protagonist were a female reporter instead of a well-meaning if occasionally dopey symbologist, the result would be The Sixth Station, the first novel from New York Post critic Linda Stasi.

“If you like controversy with your suspense, The Sixth Station is for you,” Fox News host Bill O’Reilly proclaims in the blurbiage. Since the only thing OTR likes more than controversy mixed into our suspense is a book by and about a reporter, we assumed we were in for a treat.

Cynical reporter (as if there’s really any other kind) Alessandra Russo heads to the U.N. to cover the trial of either the world’s most dangerous terrorist or the Son of God (eye of the beholder, we suppose). After the suspected terrorist/messiah, Demiel ben Yusef, kisses our enterprising reporter on the lips, she becomes fodder for her own tabloid, then goes on the lam to uncover century-old mysteries involving shrouds, tabloids and, of course, the Virgin Mary.

As our heroine dons disguises and traipses across the world, she says things like: “I’m just a reporter. I can’t save the world. Seriously.” But the power of the reporter’s notebook is mightier than Alessandra Russo imagines. Eventually, the apocalypse draws near and the reporter learns about an ancient biblical deception.

Come to think of it, The Sixth Station would make a great movie of the week. And we know of at least one critic who would love it.

<em>NY Post</em> Television Critic Linda Stasi’s New Thriller