Our Favorite Letter To Our Editor

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It’s like a typewritten tweet!

Today, we received an old-fashioned, typewritten letter to the editor that is too good not to share. The letter was adressed, in a handwritten scrawl, to our editor in chief, Mr. “Kenneth” Kurson. But since the ideas were media-related, he handed it off to us. And what ideas they are!

“You might find a fun feature in Why the NYT ran a (stupid) feature a few weeks ago on the 2 sons of Frank Rich. Everyone is talking…,” the missive read. Why indeed? And who is this everyone? “Also: why do staffers detest Jill Abrams (sic). This has nothing to do w buyouts and layoffs.” 

Well, what does it have to do with then!? We don’t know, but we also aren’t sold on the idea that Times staffers harbor extreme dislike for their executive editor. Detest, after all, is a strong word.

The “(stupid) feature” about the “2 sons of Frank Rich” refers to an over 2,000 word article in the Style section back in early January about the brothers Rich–28 year-old comedy writer/screenwriter Simon and 32 year-old former editor at The New York Review of Books and The Paris Review/novelist Nathaniel. While we can see how that article (like many other Style section pieces) could rub some the wrong way, we don’t think it really merits a feature in the Observer, fun or not.

Nonetheless, we appreciate the ideas almost as much as we appreciate the typewritten note. It’s like a tweet from an earlier time, before the Internet, when the only way to express oneself was by firing up the old Olivetti, affixing a stamp to an envelope and corresponding with the editor of a given publication.

So type away. We’ll read it. And maybe even blog about it.

Our Favorite Letter To Our Editor