Pete King: 'It's a Great Moment for Beyoncé to Be Seen With Me'



This morning, the New York Post‘s cover featured the power couple of President Barack Obama’s second inauguration–Beyoncé Knowles and Jay-Z–under a headline accusing Washington pols of being more starstruck by the celebrity duo than by Mr. Obama himself. Not everyone agrees with that interpretation, however, including GOP Rep. Pete King, pictured snapping a photo of Ms. Knowles. In a CNN interview today, Mr. King said the Post actually had it backwards, and Ms. Knowles was the one basking in his presence.

“It’s a great moment for Beyoncé to be seen with me,” Mr. King joked. “I mean, her career is definitely going to take off. That’s what she was waiting for all these years.”

Mr. King further boosted his photography skills, claiming to be “very talented” and, on Twitter, said his photo was “award winning.”

During his television interview, Mr. King discussed the substance of Mr. Obama’s inaugural address as well, arguing it was too campaign-oriented and lacked a unifying message.

“Well, the president won the election, so he’s certainly entitled to pursue his agenda. I thought it would have been more effective though if he had spoken in more thematic terms,” Mr. King explained. “I thought the way he got specific yesterday, made it more of a … campaign-type address. Parts of it were very good, he’s an excellent speaker obviously….I thought yesterday, he missed an opportunity. I’m not as critical as some of the others may be, but I think it would have better for him if he tried to reach out a little more.”

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[youtube] Pete King: 'It's a Great Moment for Beyoncé to Be Seen With Me'