Steve Ballmer: Soon-to-Be NBA Cheerleader?

Scuttlebutt says Mr. Ballmer and fellow investors are close to a deal for a team.

Here is a GIF of this amazing moment.


It’s been a good week for fans of Steve Ballmer. First came his unexpected appearance at CES, barreling onstage like a dorky linebacker. And today, GeekWire reports that he and other investors are nearing a deal that’ll bring NBA basketball back to Seattle.

Everyone point your pointer fingers up in the air and wave ’em around! (That’s the Ballmer dance.)

The town has, of course, been without a pro basketball team since Starbucks founder Howard Schultz rid himself of the Sonics.

Word comes via Yahoo sports reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, who was tweeting earlier today that local investors led by Chris Hansen (the beer-buying hedge funder, not the predator catcher) are planning to purchase and relocate the Sacramento Kings to update their basketball moves in training camps a little. Mr. Ballmer, formerly a Sonics fan, is a member of the group. No word whether he’s attempting to get the team renamed DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS.

The deal could still fall apart, as there are a number of hurdles to clear. A local news station says the Kings’ owners have already turned down the offer. But Betabeat refuses to give up hope on Mr. Ballmer’s second career as an NBA cheerleader. We believe in you, Steve!

Steve Ballmer: Soon-to-Be NBA Cheerleader?