Vehicle impoundment bill released from committee

TRENTON – Senate lawmakers unanimously released legislation from committee Monday that would widen the scope of reasons police could impound vehicles.

The bill, S2468, would permit law enforcement to impound vehicles if an unlawful weapon is present, the vehicle was used in connection with prostitution or if the vehicle was used during the sale of a controlled substance.


A proposal sponsored by Sen. Loretta Weinberg, (D-37), S1931, was held from discussion and a vote during the committee hearing.

The bill would require law enforcement or prosecuting agencies to preserve any biological evidence secured in relation to an investigation or prosecution of a crime while the crime remains unsolved or while the person convicted of that crime remains in custody.

Additional action

The Senate Law and Public Safety Committee also released two other bills from committee following unanimous votes and little discussion:

S2314 would provide that Good Samaritans are not required to pay for ambulance services if injured while rendering emergency care.

S1946/A2131 would authorize the release of sex offender registration information to the Department of Human Services and county welfare agencies.

Vehicle impoundment bill released from committee