Advocates urge state to increase full-day preschool availability

TRENTON – A new report urges the state to increase the number of school districts that have full-day preschool.

Advocates for Children of New Jersey called on the administration to fund expansion of full-day preschool in districts across New Jersey that have high concentrations of children living in low-income families.

Other districts with fewer low-income children are supposed to receive funding to provide preschool to some young students, but according to the report, only four districts have received these expansion funds since 2008.

“While New Jersey has led the nation on providing preschool to low-income children, thousands of children are still denied this early education because of where they live,” said Cynthia Rice, senior policy analyst and report author, in a release accompanying the report. “It is time to make good on the promise of preschool.”

The advocates say a 2008 school funding law provides for such programs.

Rice was scheduled to testify today before the Joint Committee on the Public Schools about the issue. Advocates urge state to increase full-day preschool availability