Assm. Health Comm. clears bills dealing with medical marijuana, senior care, more

TRENTON – The Assembly Health Committee released several bills, including ones dealing with diabetes, senior care, and medical marijuana.

A3432– The Departments of Health, Human Services and Children and Families will develop a diabetes action plan to reduce the impact of diabetes in New Jersey.

Steven Hobby of the American Diabetes Association said the bill urges collaboration between different departments and provides information to the Legislature and governor. He said some 600,000 people in New Jersey have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Assemblyman Herb Conaway (D-7) of Haddonfield said diabetes is so widespread because “people eat too much and exercise too little.”

The bill was released unanimously.

S2052 – This bill establishes a “Bill of Rights for Continuing Care Retirement Community Residents in Independent Living” and enumerates these rights.

Specifically, the bill requires that, upon entry into a CCRC, each new resident be provided a copy of the disclosure statement and a copy of the facility’s rules and regulations. Each new resident would also have the option to cancel the continuing care agreement within 30 days of signing, and the option to wait 30 days to occupy the new unit.

This bill would limit the circumstances under which a resident could be forced to leave a unit, and would guarantee each resident a reasonable amount of privacy.

A3272 – A bill that would provide the screening of newborns for the hereditary disease, adrenoleukodystrophy.

Taylor Kane, 14, of Mount Laurel, whose dad suffered from ALD, said many people learn they have the disease far too late in life.

“Newborn screening would solve this,” she said. “Please …approve this bill.”

A765 – A bill providing that a registered qualifying patient’s authorized use of medical marijuana is to be considered equivalent to using any other prescribed medication and not the use of an illicit substance that could disqualify a qualifying patient from needed medical care, including organ transplantation.

Only Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R-23) of Hunterdon, voted no Assm. Health Comm. clears bills dealing with medical marijuana, senior care, more