Booting Up: Sometimes a VC Needs to Dress Like Psy to Build His Brand

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David Einhorn, whose hedge fund Greenlight Capital has a large stake in Apple, took to the airwaves yesterday and touted a plan in which the iPhone maker would issue preferred shares as a means of returning cash to investors and boosting the share price: “Steve is not with us anymore, and that is negative in many ways, but it is positive because Apple doesn’t have to be committed to that way of thinking at this point in time.” [Bloomberg Television]

LinkedIn beat Wall Street expectations when it announced quarterly earnings yesterday, and anticipated future revenue growth tied to raising the rates it charges customers for professional services. [BusinessInsider]

Venture capitalists are going further and further to build their brands these days, but that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should believe the hype. Ask First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman, who dressed up as a certain YouTube sensation for his firm’s holiday video: “I know many super-angels who have gotten a lot of press. Some of them aren’t so super, and some of them are not very angelic.” [PandoDaily]

Chris Hughes had enough influence in Washington to score an interview with President Barack Obama for the relaunch of The New Republic. The Facebook cofounder could soon have even more pull: His husband, Sean Eldridge, is running for Congress in an upstate New York district. [Mashable]

For a couple million bucks, the NFL could have rented a few bus-sized diesel generators and accompanying equipment and avoided the Super Bowl blackout. [Wired]

  Booting Up: Sometimes a VC Needs to Dress Like Psy to Build His Brand