Casting Call: Women With Gross Boyfriends Needed

What, you don't want to be famous now? (Twitter)
What, you don’t want to be famous now? (Twitter)

This today, from Doron Ofir Casting, the people behind star-making reality show future-hits like Tattoo Nightmares , EDM (the first Electric Dance Music reality competition) and Tug Of War:



Are you a woman with a dirty little secret? Is your boyfriend/fiancé/husband a dirty obnoxious filthy slob?  Do these words fail to even describe the magnitude of overall grossness your man exhibits? Most importantly – do you love him anyway?

Secret or not, a major cable network is looking for men who are messy, sloppy, filthy, or just plain gross and the women who love them. We’re looking for big personalities who aren’t afraid to share their true habits with the world (biting their toenails, eating out of dumpsters, fear of bathing, etc). Whatever it is, we want to hear from you!

If you think this sounds like you – and for more information – please send your name, contact information, current photos, a description of your relationship, and why you think you’d be perfect for this show to:

We look forward to hearing your story!

Nothing says professionalism like your production company having a Gmail address. Actually, we really like the idea of this being some weeding out process for the casting director’s next girlfriend. “Do you like big, sloppy guys? Email me, you could be right for the part…of playing my wife!” Casting Call: Women With Gross Boyfriends Needed