Coleman criticizes administration for not working to close education gap


TRENTON – Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, (D-15), of Trenton, said Thursday New Jersey is one of the “most segregated states in the nation” when it comes to public education.

“That has to be dealt with,” she said.

Speaking at a press conference organized by an education reform group that is against the Christie Administration’s proposed school funding formula changes that they say would cut funding for at-risk students, Coleman said addressing these educational inequities that exist in the urban, predominantly minority-student school districts, “falls on the steps of this Republican Administration.”  

She criticized the governor for not doing more to close the education gap.  

“When it comes to the issue of supporting public education for students in the state of New Jersey, this governor consistently fails to support that issue as he continually fails to support the safety and security of the communities in which a good number of these children are being educated.”

During his term, Gov. Chris Christie has proposed several education reform initiatives and signed into law Sen. Teresa Ruiz’s, (D-27), of Newark, legislation that significantly reformed teacher tenure by putting in place more accountability measures.

He has also supported creation of more charter schools, especially in at-risk districts, and other initiatives that put more emphasis on accountability. When it comes to education funding, Christie cut education funding in his first year, but did restore much of it last year.

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