Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un are BFFs, Obvs (Video)

rodmanDoes it seem super convienent that the day after North Korea started letting its citizens use 3G wireless to tweet and send pictures to each other (that’s what wireless is for, right? God, wait till they find out about Facebook!), Dennis Rodman announced that he had become besties with Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader whose government had invited the Worm and members of the Harlem Globetrotters to shoot a VICE TV show about “basketball diplomacy.” Sure. Is it weird that Rodman is suddenly claiming to be friends with the dictator? Maybe, but come on, the guy’s always found weird partners. Remember that time he dated Madonna?

Rodman told the his unlikely new buddy, “You have a friend for life,” after watching a game together in Pyongyang.

[protected-iframe id=”c018d7d8c08904997e403ba7b282dc95-35584880-35147716″ info=”″ width=”416″ height=”234″]

No word yet if the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army feels as warmly toward his buddy, or if this is like the time that “Johnny Mountain” and Avery Jessup explained the food and weather situation on 30 Rock?

But let’s be real: These two were made for each other. They both had weird relationships with their dads–Kim Jong-il sent his youngest son to live in or around Switzerland until the early 90s, while Rodman didn’t talk to his father for 42 years until they met during a game last July in the Philippines. They both have dealt with the trials of a hastily-arranged marriage. And they both are into body modification. And look, they’ve both had some bad press, but they know at the end of the day the important thing is to sit down, let off some steam, and watch Michael Ri play some b-ball.

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un are BFFs, Obvs (Video)