Word to the Wise: Don’t Use Facebook to Threaten a Cop

You realize they can trace that sort of thing, right?

(Photo: Inquisitr)
IDK? (Photo: Inquisitr)

Here’s the thing about building a massive platform for social interaction: You don’t just get the high school graduation pics and the wedding announcements. You get all ugly stuff, too. Hence the threat reportedly made this weekend against one of the NYPD’s more digitally savvy cops.

The New York Post broke the news this weekend that someone had stopped by the 73rd Precinct’s Facebook page and left a detailed threat against commanding officer Joseph Gulotta. The post, which was promptly taken down, described both Mr. Gulotta’s car and the hours he works–not exactly the sort of information you want bandied about the Internet, even if you don’t make many enemies in the course of your daily life.

The Post suggests the call for violence against Mr. Gulotta was prompted by the precinct’s aggressive trawling of Facebook as a way of rooting out possible gang members, which Daily News covered just last week. Yeah, using Facebook to threaten a cop might be the only thing less wise than betraying signs of one’s gang affiliations on Facebook.

It doesn’t seem the would-be desperado got very far, though. The Daily News reports that a 19-year-old with 13 prior arrests has already turned himself in (though his lawyer says he’s innocent and denies he actually put out a hit). Nor does it seem the original threat got much traction:  “While cops feared the post might prompt a brazen criminal to try to murder Gulotta, it did not appear to generate much of an online stir.”

It’s never the posts you think are gonna go viral that actually do.

Word to the Wise: Don’t Use Facebook to Threaten a Cop