GOP criticizes Dems for ‘rushing’ gun bills through

TRENTON – Assembly Republicans blasted Democrats Thursday for attempting to find “a wedge issue” ahead of the lower chamber’s plans to vote on 20-plus gun bills during a full voting session.

Republicans accused their Democratic counterparts of rushing through legislation that “sounds good” but falls short of finding the answer to gun violence in the state.

The General Assembly is preparing to vote on several controversial proposals that will be expected to clear the Assembly floor.

“The Democrats in New Jersey have decided to rush through legislation that was drafted poorly and doesn’t begin to solve the problem,” said Assembly Republican Leader John Bramnick, (R-21).

“This is all part of a political agenda during an election year to try to make somebody look anti-gun,” he said, adding Democrats are “looking for a wedge issue.”

Bramnick’s comments were echoed by other Republicans, who argued the state must have a debate instead of rushing legislation through the Legislature.

“Why are we rushing through this so fast?” Assemblyman David Rible, (R-30), asked.

The bills, if passed today, still would have to work their way through the Senate.

  GOP criticizes Dems for ‘rushing’ gun bills through