The Machines Are Writing Films Now

Cleverbot can add "screenwriter" to its resume.

(Photo: Cleverbot)
(Photo: Cleverbot)

Look out, Hollywood screenwriters: the robots are coming for your jobs, too.

Cleverbot is an artificial intelligence robot that Internet users can converse with and, more frequently, troll until it says funny stuff. But one filmmaker, Chris Wilson, saw the creative potential in Cleverbot and decided to co-write a short film with it. It might just be the first movie written by a machine.

Mr. Wilson chatted back and forth with Cleverbot in order to tease out the dialogue for the script. Some of the character names also came from Cleverbot–the lead is called “Stomach,” for instance, ‘cuz Cleverbot is sassy like that. The title of the short, “Do You Love Me?”, also came from the surprisingly emo mind of Cleverbot.

As smart as Cleverbot is, though, it’s gleefully unaware that it co-wrote a movie. “Your movie is great!” we told it. “Get your hand off my mouth?” it responded. Okay then.


(h/t Laughing Squid) The Machines Are Writing Films Now