Jonny Bauer

Jonny Bauer is Chief Strategy Officer at global advertising agency Droga5, a three-time Agency of the Year winner and one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for 2013. He is responsible for building and overseeing the strategic function at Droga5, including all brand, digital, media and IP thinking for the agency.


With a career spanning four continents, Jonny has helped create some of the most effective and innovative marketing of the past decade. Successes include work for PUMA, LVMH, Kraft Foods Group, Mondelez International, The New York City Department of Education, Newcastle Brown Ale, Prudential, Microsoft, Axe, Johnnie Walker and Dyson.


Jonny’s recent recognition has included a gold Effie for Droga5’s Approved by Yiayia campaign for Kraft Foods Group’s Athenos brand and gold and bronze Effies for its Decode Jay-Z with Bing campaign in 2012. The agency was also named one of the top five most effective independent agencies in North America.


In 2011, Jonny was inducted into the American Advertising Federation Advertising Hall of Achievement.


Jonny lives in Brooklyn New York with his wife Jill, their son Linus and Marco the cat.


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Clips From Jonny’s Live Chats

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