More gun-penalty bills on way

TRENTON – Just days after releasing more than 20 firearms bills from committee, Assembly Democrats are planning to introduce more measures to address the problem of gun violence.

Four bills, whose sponsors include Speaker Sheila Oliver, Troy Singleton, and Joe Cryan, would seek tougher penalties for violations.

A3853: This would make subject to seizure vehicles used in trafficking of illegal guns.

A3854: This would bar firearms traffickers from early-release eligibility.

A3855: This would increase penalties for failure to report a lost or stolen firearm subsequently used in a crime.

A3858: This increases penalties for licensed firearms dealers in certain circumstances.

On Wednesday, the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee released 20-some bills following about seven hours of sometimes emotional testimony from witnesses on both sides of the issue.

While gun-control supporters said such measures are common-sense solutions to an ever-increasing problem, opponents  Wednesday said the bills, some of which are well-intentioned, would not accomplish their goals.

Oliver issued a statement: “Our gun violence prevention initiative is an ongoing effort. We are moving on more than 20 bills, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to stop with them.

“We’ll continue talking with constituents and proposing and analyzing bills, and they’ll be posted for hearings and votes as needed.” More gun-penalty bills on way