Morning Links: Anti-Valentine’s Day Edition

valentines day
(Courtesy Old Print Shop)

“Richter, Basquiat Top $127 Million Auction at Christie’s [London]” [Bloomberg]

Want to buy a fine rhinoceros horn? Don’t even think about going to Denmark’s Bruun Rasmussen auction house. [The Art Newspaper]

Here’s a profile of the Art Institute of Chicago’s director, Douglas Druick. [WSJ]

An important piece. [@cory_arcangel/Twitter]

Please do not click on any links today that try to merge the worlds of art and love. [Not anywhere]

“Serpentine announces its Pavilion 2013 to be designed by Sou Fujimoto. Opens 8 June.” [Frieze]

If artists are now post-galleries, do they need agents? [The Art Newspaper] Morning Links:  Anti-Valentine’s Day Edition