Morning Read: ‘Andrew Cuomo’s Spotlight’

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(Photo: Getty)

Optimistic Headline of the Day: “Getting Screwed by DC May Pay Off for NY if Sequester Goes Through.”

Former State Senator David Storobin, who is still “considering” a City Council campaign, fired off a shot at one of the Democratic candidates, Ari Kagan, yesterday. “I’m glad Ari Kagan is now adopting my whole economic platform because he thinks it will help him win this election,” he told Politicker. “It is no wonder he always wrote about me so positively for years until his boss [media mogul] Gregory Davidzon was paid by Lew Fidler and told Ari to attack me for the very ideas that he’s running on right now. I wish Ari well, and I hope he will be an independent candidate and stop being Gregory Davidzon’s puppet.”

The Daily Freeman‘s editorial board more or less declared war on Governor Andrew Cuomo over the controversy surrounding a fired Department of Transportation worker. “Don’t ever, ever step into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s spotlight. If you do, he’ll see that you pay,” the publication wrote. “In Universe Cuomo, disasters aren’t primarily events of unfathomable human suffering. No, in Universe Cuomo, tragedies primarily aren’t about people at all, but, rather, about limitless political opportunity for Star Andrew.”

While the Albany Times-Union waxed philosophically to discuss how “outrageous” Assemblyman Dov Hikind’s Purim costume was. “There’s a scene in Woody Allen’s classic comedy ‘Sleeper’ that is worth watching. We recommend it to Assemblyman Dov Hikind,” reads one part. “The movie is set in a futuristic society in which American pop culture, politics, technology and religion are taken to absurd and humorous extremes. The scene involves a party at the home of a clueless, self-centered poet.”

Opposition to stop-and-frisk hit an all-time high in today’s Quinnipiac poll, with 55 percent opposing and just 39 percent in support. Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s Styrofoam ban fared better, however, with 69 percent approval. “Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on plastic foam take-out containers looks like his most popular public health initiative so far,” the pollster said. “Even Staten Islanders, who have not been too receptive to other so-called ‘Nanny Government’ initiatives, approve.”

And Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro may be a registered Conservative, but Council Speaker Christine Quinn isn’t shying away from his support. In fact, Ms. Quinn told the Staten Island Advance that Mr. Molinaro is “a quintessential New Yorker who stands up for the people he represents regardless of party or politics. … Borough President Molinaro has a history of supporting those who get things done. I am proud to earn his support in that same tradition.” Morning Read: ‘Andrew Cuomo’s Spotlight’