Morning Read: 'He Was Too Old and Too Tired to Drive to Albany'

James Sanders' former district. (photo:
James Sanders’ former district. (photo:

Headline of the Day: “Got Questions for Cuomo? So Does He.”

It’s Election Day today in southeastern Queens! A multitude of candidates are seeking to replace James Sanders, who left the City Council to join the State Senate. Special elections are notoriously tough to predict, and considering that Mr. Sanders’ old district is both economically poor and was recently devastated by Hurricane Sandy, turnout will be anyone’s guess. Polls close at 9 p.m.

The New York Times looked at former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión‘s mayoral campaign, which Mr. Carrión himself seems to identify as an uphill battle. “Mr. Carrión said he knew that his bid to become the city’s first Latino mayor without being affiliated with either major political party is ‘obviously a high-risk proposition,'” the report notes. “And already, his rhetoric sounds at times like the first draft of a concession speech.”

“Luxury hotels. Posh restaurants. Global travel. Maybe being a state senator isn’t so bad after all,” a fun Daily News article reads. “Sen. Malcolm Smith of Queens — a potential mayoral candidate — spent more than $100,000 in campaign funds last year on lodging, airfare, meals, car payments and other travel- and entertainment-related expenses. … Smith ran unopposed for reelection last year.”

The feedback loop of Cecelia Berkowitz‘s claimed Twitter candidacy continued yesterday. Ms. Berkowitz, purportedly campaigning for mayor as a Democrat, turns out to neither be a Democrat or even a voter in New York City. She’ll need to fix that at some point. And, although Ms. Berkowitz touted multiple “fundraisers” so far, she admitted she’s raised no money and still needs to open a campaign committee. Moving on…

The sparks are flying in the race to replace Councilman Lew Fidler in the City Council, with Mercedes Narcisse throwing the punches. “Last I heard he was too old and too tired to drive to Albany,” she said about her rival, Assemblyman Alan Maisel. “That’s why he’s running for Council. He’s just too old.” Mr. Maisel surprised a reporter seeking comment by answering his office phone on Presidents’ Day. “What else am I going to do?” Mr. Maisel replied. “My kids are away, my wife’s shopping, and I’m not going to just sit home watching TV. I’ve got e-mails to go through.”’

And Ben Kallos‘ Council campaign, also competing against an assemblyman rival, is making a similar argument as Ms. Narcisse:
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