Morning Read: 'I Suspect It Is the Same Old Allegations'

Mayor Bloomberg doesn't want you to have this. (Photo: Wikimedia)
Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t want you to have this. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Headline of the Day: “To Go: Plastic-Foam Containers, if the Mayor Gets His Way.”

After recently scoring the backing of Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver, Julie Menin continued to amass Downtown support in her Manhattan Borough President bid with the endorsement of Assemblywoman Deborah Glick. “I am excited to support Julie for Manhattan Borough President because she has been a forceful progressive leader for our neighborhoods — steadfast in her commitment to quality schools, affordable housing, and open space – crucial to making Manhattan a livable place for everyone,” Ms. Glick said in a statement.

And the drama continues! Congressman Eliot Engel, a longtime “Aisle Hog” at the State of the Union speeches, is denying that he was snubbed by President Barack Obama as the nation’s chief executive entered to give his yearly address. It was widely reported that Mr. Obama skipped Mr. Engel as he was shaking hands, but the Westchester representative now says Mr. Obama used his left hand for the shake.

“Can Quinn Build on RWDSU Endorsement?,” A Gay City News profile asked yesterday of Council Speaker Christine Quinn‘s mayoral candidacy. Today, Ms. Quinn did just that by scoring another union endorsement, the Mason Tenders District Council. While she has yet to earn the support of the city’s most powerful labor institutions, neither has anyone else and every little bit helps.

“I suspect it is the same old allegations, and we’ll see when we get them tomorrow,” Assemblyman Vito Lopez‘s attorney, Gerald Lefcourt, told the Daily News about the Joint Commission on Public Ethics investigation, which sent its findings to the State Legislature last night. The report apparently “eviscerates Lopez” and could include a recommendation to expel Mr. Lopez from the Assembly.

Controversial Uptown Council candidate Thomas Lopez-Pierre has a new, lengthy diatribe against “White/Jewish” people, but this time his missive was directed against Capital New York reporter Azi Paybarah, who bumped into him and told him his comments were offensive. The rambling, unedited and decidedly not-safe-for-work email is below, including parts where Mr. Lopez-Pierre gives all the info you could ever want to know about his sex life:

Dear Azi Paybarah | Capital New York (

It was good to see you today at the Workers Rising: A symposium on low-wage workers organizing in NYC at the Murphy Institute of the City University of New York.

Now I can put a face to our phone conversations.

Now to the point of this email:

I am sorry that you felt the need to raise your voice at me today to express your outrage at me in your words: “for saying bad things about Jews” as I campaign for the 7th NYC Council District.

You were so loud and emotional that – people begin to look at you as if you were crazy.

(Photo: Azi Paybarah | Capital New York)

The good looking Asian girl that works in Comptroller Liu’s office, I think she is his former press secretary had a very concerned look on her face (you should contact her and let her know that you are OK).

In fact a number of people started to yell at you to lower your voice.

And you know how shy I am – I just did NOT want to make a public scene so I just had to walk away.

Let me use this email to state as plainly as possible my views on Jewish people without you interrupting me.

I have dated some very sexy Jewish women, I just love Jewish women; the sex was always good if not at times great.

The truth is that as I am sure you must know, Jewish women have great oral skills – they really know how to communicate their interest to Black men – smile.

And if it’s NOT your birthday, you can forget all about Black women……………… me I know, I dated my fair share of Black women.

As you may know, Jewish women just love them some big Black men (yes, the stereotype is true – do NOT hate – trust me, take my word for it or ask any Black women who also dates Jewish men – she will tell you how small Jewish guys are compared to Black men)!

Forgive me, I digressed.

As I was saying, I have the greatest respect for Jewish women and I am honored to call many Jewish males, friends.

I support the right of the State of Israel to exist and to defend its self from aggression.

As you know, I am a candidate for the 7th NYC Council District in Upper Manhattan.

Here are the facts:

1) 80% of landlords of private residential multi-buildings in Upper Manhattan are White/Jewish owned;

2) For the last 20 years White/Jewish landlords have been pushing out Black and Hispanic tenants out of their apartments in order to secure higher rents from White/Jewish people who can NOT afford downtown rents:

In fact so many Black and Hispanic families have been pushed out of Upper Manhattan that a White/Jewish guy named Mark Levine who is being financially supported by White/Jewish landlords is running in the same race as I for city council and he is the odds on favorite to win!

The 7th NYC Council District is 70% Black and Hispanic but there are 9 candidates in the race of which 8 are Black and Hispanic.

Mark Levine is the only White/Jewish candidate in the race for the 7th NYC Council District.
In Harlem, the capital of Black America, a White/Jewish guy could be elected to the NYC City Council – can you believe that shit!

Well not if I have anything to say about it.

3333 Broadway is just one of many examples of how White/Jewish landlords have for years pushed low income Black and Hispanic families out of their homes in Upper Manhattan in order to make room for high income people who pay market rate rent.

3333 Broadway is a group of five buildings ranging in height from 10 to 35 stories with about 1,200 apartments (in the 7th NYC Council District between West 133rd and 135th Streets).

To view a graph of how 3333 Broadway has changed hands over the years with the help of financial institutions such as the Israel Discount Bank, please click here:

As reported in the New York Times (October 15, 2008): “The advocacy group Eviction Intervention Services [of the Legal Aid Society] says as many as 300 people have left 3333 Broadway since 2005 after the building’s original [Jewish] owner opted out of the Mitchell-Lama program and rents more than doubled – to $1,800 a month from $755 for a one-bedroom apartment, and to $2,300 from $897 for a two-bedroom.” Click here to read more of the New York Times story on 3333 Broadway:
3333 Broadway is just one of hundreds of cases of White/Jewish landlords pushing out Blacks and Hispanics out of their apartments for people who would pay higher rents.
My people [Blacks and Hispanics] are angry and scared and they fear that they will be next to be pushed out of their homes by White/Jewish landlords.

And the sad truth is that today, in Upper Manhattan we have Uncle Tom Nigger Black and Hispanic elected officials who have taken campaign funds from White/Jewish landlords to look the other way while thousands of thousands of Black and Hispanic tenants were pushed out of their apartments for people who would pay higher rents (mostly White/Jewish people who were priced out of the rental market downtown:

As a candidate for the 7th NYC Council District, I believe it is very important for me to fight for those Black and Hispanic tenants being pushed out of their homes by White/Jewish landlords.

I want Black and Hispanic voters to know who is behind the ethnic cleansing in Upper Manhattan and it is White/Jewish landlords with the help of Uncle Tom Nigger Black and Hispanic elected officials.

My opponent is Mark Levine, a White/Jewish upper middle class, Harvard educated, son of a doctor, political opportunist who has taken thousands of dollars of campaign money from greedy White/Jewish landlords – and lives outside of the 7th NYC Council District with his wife and children in a high-end condominium apartment.

NOTE: Thomas Lopez-Pierre does NOT accept campaign contributions above $175 or from anyone who is a landlord or works in the real estate industry or from political action committees (be they union or corporate). Thomas Lopez-Pierre will NOT serve special interests but only serve the people of the 7th NYC Council District.

In order to ensure that the White/Jewish candidate does NOT win the election for the 7th NYC Council District, I, Thomas Lopez-Pierre plan to use campaign funds to hire campaign workers at $8 per hour to distribute 200,000 voter registrations forms under 50,000 apartment doors (2 forms in English and 2 in Spanish) in Black and Hispanic buildings in the 7th NYC Council District.

Along with each voter registration form will be a letter (in English and Spanish) urging voters to vote for me, Thomas Lopez-Pierre for the 7th NYC Council District.

The 7th NYC Council District is 70% Black and Hispanic but there are 9 candidates in the race of which 8 are Black and Hispanic.

I fear that Mark Levine, the White/Jewish candidate will steal the election because of the long history of White/Jewish people in Upper Manhattan supporting their own people.

I have to tell you that I have the greatest respect for Jewish people. Jewish people are never ever afraid to take political and economic power from other racial groups even if their numbers do NOT warrant such a power grab.

One of my political role models is NYS Assembly Member, Dov Hikind; a Democrat who endorsed Republican candidate Michael Bloomberg for mayor against a member of his own political party – why? Because Michael Bloomberg is Jewish and gave his people a better deal.

The Uncle Tom Nigger Black and Hispanic elected officials in Upper Manhattan have a lot to learn from NYS Assembly Member, Dov Hikind.

NYS Assembly Member, Dov Hikind is never ever afraid to put his people and the State of Israel before the interests of the United States.

I, Thomas Lopez-Pierre have the greatest respect for NYS Assembly Member, Dov Hikind.
Let me end by saying that I am sorry if I hurt your feelings by saying bad things about White/Jewish landlords.

We will just have to agree to disagree.

All the best,

Thomas Lopez-Pierre

PS, check out: Thomas Lopez-Pierre For City Council, An Online Political Reality Show (

The show will center on Thomas Lopez-Pierre (of Puerto Rican, Dominican and Black descent), a hard charging, opinionated and foul mouth community political activist who is NOT afraid to fight for Black and Hispanic people against a corrupt Democratic Party political machine in Upper Manhattan controlled by White/Jewish landlords.

Morning Read: 'I Suspect It Is the Same Old Allegations'