Morning Read: 'One of the Stupider Things I’ve Ever Heard'

George McDonald and his wife. (Photo: Getty)
George McDonald and his wife. (Photo: Getty)

Headline of the Day: “Politicians’ Aides Rewarded by Community Board for Keeping Quiet.”

Well that settles that. All five GOP mayoral candidates are claiming some affinity with Judaism. The list begins with Tom Allon, who is Jewish, and continues with Joe Lhota, who says his mother is Jewish. The chronicling then takes a detour with John Catsimatidis claiming he’s “part Jewish. I mean, call my rabbi!” and Adolfo Carrión explaining that he’s “practically half Jewish by virtue of birth.” George McDonald commented on the issue last night, telling Politicker, “My wife of 25 years, Harriet Karr-McDonald, is of the Jewish faith. And her mother, Francis Karr, was an American stenographer at the Nuremberg trials. So we have for many years been acquainted with the human history of the Jewish faith.”

Meanwhile, Independence Party strategist Jackie Salit sat down on Inside City Hall to boost Mr. Carrión. She answered a succinct “no” to this question: “The Independence Party, there’s been some controversy around it. The Daily News recently did a series about raising questions about the voter registration. … There’s been a party leader, Lenora Fulani, who has made in the past remarks that have been deemed antisemitic. Questions about one of the founders, Fred Newman, the therapy that he promoted. Are you worried at all that those are going to be a hindrance to a candidacy like Adolfo Carrión’s?”

And the New York Post editorial board singled out Mr. Lhota among the Republican field as “the only candidate of the bunch who combines experience in making government work with a refreshing willingness to speak frankly about its limits,” making it seem like he has the publication’s endorsement all but locked up. Nevertheless the support came with a caveat, “That’s not an endorsement. It is an acknowledgment that we see few others who can be trusted not to undo the progress New York has made these past two decades — and has plausible ideas for making new advances now regarded as impossible.”

In case there was any question as to whether the Democratic mayoral race is getting into full swing, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio held a press conference to accuse the city of “boroughism” in its rising small business fines and his likely rival, Council Speaker Christine Quinn, suddenly released a new plan to reduce fines on food vendors 30 minutes prior, a move Mr. de Blasio labeled “a stunning coincidence.” Mayor Michael Bloomberg, typically an ally of Ms. Quinn’s, didn’t sound pleased with the proposal, however, calling it “one of the stupider things I’ve ever heard.”

Last, the DCCC has a new web ad criticizing GOP Rep. Michael Grimm, among others:
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