NJPP report argues for expanded Medicaid in N.J.

TRENTON – Expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act  would provide health coverage to 307,000 newly eligible low-income New Jerseyans, according to a new study by New Jersey Policy Perspective.

The report issued Wednesday argues that Medicaid expansion would generate approximately $15.4 billion from 2013 to 2022 in the state.

The Christie administration has not announced its decision into whether New Jersey would expand Medicaid.

 “We hope Gov. Christie joins the increasing number of Republican governors from across the country who are expanding Medicaid,” New Jersey Policy Perspective senior policy analyst Raymond Castro said in a release.

“These governors, many of whom oppose the health care law, understand that the expansion will provide a crucial economic boost to their states. It’s a boost that New Jersey desperately needs.”

AARP supported the report’s findings.

“Expanding Medicaid will provide New Jersey residents with more support from the federal government, which is important, since New Jersey is one of the states that sends more taxpayer dollars to the federal government than it receives back,” said Dave Mollen, state president of AARP New Jersey.

Pointing out that most residents without insurance are in low-income urban and rural areas, the report goes on to say that Hudson and Essex counties are home to 27.5 percent of those who would be eligible for Medicaid, and would benefit from an estimated $468 million a year under the Medicaid expansion.

This federal funding could help to reduce those counties’ very high jobless rates of 10.5 and 10.4 percent, respectively, the report argues. NJPP report argues for expanded Medicaid in N.J.