Post-Sandy: Helping firefighters who came to aid of others

LITTLE FERRY – Gov. Chris Christie announced a firefighter-to-firefighter peer assistance program he says will benefit some of the heroes of Superstorm Sandy.

The program is aimed at supporting firefighters and their families who were devastated by Sandy.

“Sandy brought out the best in all of us, I believe,” said Christie, adding, “Especially firefighters.”

The administration said local firefighters in the Little Ferry area helped evacuate roughly 2,000 residents following the storm.

Many firefighters ignored the devastation at their own homes in order to help others, and Christie said this program will match firefighters with others who can help with any number of tasks: plumbing, demolition, roofing, electrical work, and more.

Christie was joined at the news conference with Democratic Congressman Bill Pascrell Jr., who the governor thanked for his work in Washington, D.C. following Sandy.

“My partner in Congress,” Christie said. “Who ever thought I’d say that?”

“We spared no words and minced no words about what we saw going on in Congress, particularly in the House of Representatives, we fought together,” he said. “That’s when you want to have a fighter like Bill Pascrell on the floor.”

  Post-Sandy: Helping firefighters who came to aid of others