Sandy oversight bills released

TRENTON – The Senate State Government Committee released bill S2536, which would put in place integrity monitors for Sandy rebuilding projects.

The monitors would apply to state contracts that have a value of at least $5 million.

The Treasurer would have significant say and discretion on the pool of integrity monitors and could even issue waivers in some instances if it was felt that enough compliance was built into the contract.  

The bill was amended in several ways, including making monitors subject to federal funding.

Integrity monitors were one of the things Gov. Chris Christie called for as part of a plan to make sure all Sandy rebuilding funds are properly and efficiently spent.

Sen. Sam Thompson, (R-13), of Old Bridge, recommended language be inserted to ensure integrity monitors be present for all future storm and natural disaster recovery projects, and not just Sandy-related projects.

The committee also released bill S2566, which calls for oversight and greater transparency of Sandy recovery funds through creation of a website detailing Sandy-related funds and quarterly reports.

The website would include details by county and municipality as well as information on recipients of state contracts.

It would also include quarterly reports on how Sandy funds are being used.

All new information must be updated on the website within 10 days, according to the bill. Sandy oversight bills released