Singleton touts bills targeting illegal gun trade

TRENTON – A group of bills proposed this week dealing with illegal guns is the kind of package that sponsor Assemblyman Troy Singleton hopes can produce common ground for people on both sides of the gun control issue.

Singleton, D-7, Mount Laurel, along with Speaker Sheila Oliver and Joe Cryan, has proposed several bills addressing some issues he believes remain unaddressed even after more than 20 gun-control bills advanced through a committee earlier this week.

“One component I didn’t think was addressed, and the Speaker agreed with me, was focusing on illegal guns,’’ Singleton said.

These illegal guns “are ripping apart the fabric of our communities,” he said.

Although numerous opponents crowded the hearing this week to protest the various bills, Singleton said he hopes this new group of bills would find favor with some of those opponents because they target the illegal gun trade.

One bill, for example, would make vehicles subject to seizure if used in the trafficking of illegal guns. Another would bar firearms traffickers from early-release programs.

Singleton said that nationally, there are about 12,000 murders and 66,000 non-lethal shootings involving illegal guns.

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