Tanning bill passes

TRENTON – The Assembly released the latest version of a tanning bill (A2142) which calls for barring tanning bed use by someone under age 17.

The bill passed 57-12, with seven abstentions.

The bill has gone through amendments since it was introduced in January 2012. The original bill would have banned such tanning bed use for anyone under 18.

It passed the Assembly last year, went through changes before being passed by the Senate, and was passed in the Assembly today.

One of the sponsors, Assemblyman Ralph Caputo, said that “While I would like to have seen the age remain at 18, in the interest of protecting as many people as possible, rather than no one, I think this is a healthy compromise that heightens oversight.  Increasing the age that individuals can begin exposing themselves to tanning bed rays will help delay their exposure to potentially cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation.”

“This bill is akin to when we raised the tobacco purchasing age.  Hopefully time delayed is life saved,” he said in a release. Tanning bill passes