The Atlantic’s Redesigned Robot Cover Looks Familiar

atlanticwireThe newly redesigned March issue of The Atlantic  came out yesterday. The redesign, which was led by creative director Darhil Crooks “reveals a redesigned look, cover to cover, that is a powerful visual statement of the magazine’s commitment to provocative ideas,” according to the magazine’s press release.  “The goal was to do something that was fresh and engaging, while maintaining the spirit and legacy of The Atlantic,” Mr. Crooks said. “Readers can expect a new visual approach that works just as hard as the thought-provoking, idea-driven journalism that The Atlantic has been doing since the beginning.”

But the cover, a story about robot doctors, looks awfully familiar. In fact, it kind of looks like a Wired cover from last year about robot drivers. Both covers show a large robotic hand angled across the page, holding something that is usually held by a human hand. But maybe there are only so many ways to depict a robot hand. The real question, of course, is what’s scarier: a robot giving you a shot or a robot driving you to the doctor? Or both?

<em>The Atlantic</em>’s Redesigned Robot Cover Looks Familiar