Tish James Takes on Fox News

Councilwoman Tish James (Photo: Facebook)
Councilwoman Tish James (Photo: Facebook)

Councilwoman and candidate for Public Advocate Tish James wants an apology from the Fox News host who suggested rapes do not occur on college campuses during an appearance on the roundtable show The Five.

“Questioning whether rapes happen on college campuses is deeply offensive to all, especially those who have suffered irreparable harm as a result of these vicious crimes,” Ms. James said in a statement. “Furthermore, when the very existence of rape is challenged in a public forum, such as a widely-viewed cable news channel, it discourages the reporting of an already under-reported crime.”

Bob Beckel, one of the quintet of co-hosts on The Five, sparked a major controversy with his remarks, which he made during a discussion of a Colorado bill that would allow women to carry concealed weapons on college campuses to prevent sexual assaults.

“When was the last time you heard about a rape on campus?” Mr. Beckel asked.

The other co-hosts immediately challenged Mr. Beckel’s remark and, in the end, the panel concluded women should indeed be armed on campus. However, Ms. James still wants to see an apology from Mr. Beckel and the network.

“Bob Beckel and Fox News should immediately apologize for Mr. Beckel’s outrageous and offensive comments,” said Ms. James. “They have no place on the public airwaves or anywhere else in our society.” Tish James Takes on Fox News