Your Future Lawyer Boyfriend Is Into Yoga, But Not the Kind His Mom Likes

A catch and a half (Time One New York)

A catch and a half. (Time Out New York)

Look at this: Time Out New York finally put faces on those Craigslist personals section, in its new “Single Men Willing to Be Photographed” slide show. We know you’ve had a tough time finding men recently, but we really think you’ll like this Williamsburg lawyer, Aaron. He is a very busy man, what with his bike training (it is what he does “all the time,” which makes us wonder when he does his lawyer work), so make sure you have your own “similar hobby/career/problem.” Because as they say, “similarities attract.”

Also, he seems to have some judgmental attitudes toward his mother’s yoga practice, but that is definitely something you two can work through, right?

Aaron, 32; lawyer; Williamsburg, Brooklyn

His ideal date: “I race bicycles in my spare time (all the time), so I end up spending a lot of my time (all the time) training. It would be great if you had a similar hobby/career/problem. My ideal date would be doing something active that I’ve never done before. Anyone up for cave diving? We can communicate via chalkboard and glow sticks! I’m also down for the coffee-then-a-yoga-class date. Just not the moaning, ohm-ing, ahh-ing, hmm-ing, froufrou, chanty yoga. My mom likes that stuff. You can hang out with her for those things.”

We know, it’s kind of confusing what kind of yoga he’s talking about, but to cover all bases for you, we have emailed Aaron and are waiting for a response to find out if his mother is available to go for a Bikram session on Thursday. It’s never too early to start in on the future in-laws!

Your Future Lawyer Boyfriend Is Into Yoga, But Not the Kind His Mom Likes