A.G. Arrests ‘Prominent Tailor’ Who Worked for Rudy Giuliani, Ed Koch

Mohan Ramchandani's mugshot

Mohan Ramchandani in his mugshot

Earlier this afternoon, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced both the arrest and conviction of Mohanbhai “Mohan” Ramchandani, who pleaded guilty to felony tax-evasion charges. In the press release detailing the case, Mr. Ramchandani was labeled a “prominent tailor,” and indeed he has styled many members of the city’s political class including former mayors Rudy Giuliani (conservative, two-button suit in blue and gray) and Ed Koch (classic, no darts, straight pants and suspender buttons).

“There are no excuses for tax cheats – regardless of how prominent they are. Mr. Ramchandani’s conviction for orchestrating this multi-million dollar scheme to defraud taxpayers sends a clear message that those who rip off the public will be held accountable for their crimes,” said Mr. Schneiderman. “Honest citizens are harmed by people who break the law to avoid paying their fair share, making it harder for New York State to provide essential services. This office will continue to bring aggressive action against tax evaders who believe they are above the law.”

According to Mr. Schneiderman’s office, in exchange for his guilty plea, Mr. Ramchandani will be sentenced to a prison term of one to three years. He and his Midtown business, Mohan’s Custom Tailors, Inc., were further fined $5.5 million dollars in damages and penalties for the ten-year scheme. A.G. Arrests ‘Prominent Tailor’ Who Worked for Rudy Giuliani, Ed Koch