Adolfo Carrión Continues Campaign Against the Daily News

20130226_182850Adolfo Carrión is not a fan of the New York Daily News

Mr. Carrión, a candidate for mayor this year, blasted the publication this afternoon for a March 5th story questioning an old campaign committee, continuing what has become an apparent feud between Mr. Carrión and the tabloid. The report called into question the committee’s regular large cash disbursements, an apparent violation of state election law, but the Carrión campaign is claiming it misled readers.

“New Yorkers would do well to question a March 6, 2013 story in the NY Daily News that is littered with half-truths, innuendo and inaccuracies, regarding a political action committee established by supporters of Adolfo Carrion in 2001. The NY Daily News chose to publish this fundamentally dishonest and intentionally misleading article without regard to the facts,” they declared today, almost two weeks after the original story ran. “A reporter contacted Carrion 2013 with an extensive list of questions about the committee, which had ceased operations over 6 years ago. The Daily News could have had the information below, but flatly refused to hold their story to enable the campaign to do the requisite research to provide a thoughtful, fact-based response.”

This was not the first exchange between the Daily News and Mr. Carrión. The Independence Party, which endorsed Mr. Carrión, attacked the paper for not inviting the former Bronx borough president to one of its mayoral forums, while the party itself was the subject of a highly-critical investigative series that ran in its pages late last year. Mr. Carrión’s statement hinted at the strained relationship.

“Repeated attempts by the NY Daily News to call into question Adolfo Carrion’s integrity and reputation as a hardworking public servant should be exposed for what they are: a cynical and cheap way to sell newspapers,” his campaign continued. “Carrion 2013 calls on the NY Daily News to commit to intellectual honesty and professional journalism as the standard for its reporters.”

For their part, a Daily News spokesman told Politicker Mr. Carrión’s criticism is misplaced.

“The Daily News stands by its reporting and story,” he wrote in an email.

Adolfo Carrión Continues Campaign Against the Daily News