Amazon Takes Down Sim City, But Not Before The Haters Gave It More Than 4,000 One-Star Reviews

Haters gonna hate.


The clusterfuck that is the Sim City launch keeps on giving, as Amazon had to take down Electronic Arts’ new version of the classic game from its store for almost the entire day (now its back up, albeit with a huge warning about the problems), amid continued issues with the game’s DRM protections that have  made the game virtually unplayable. In the meantime, angry fans of the game have taken to Amazon to post their “reviews,” and currently Sim City retains a one-star rating on the site with over 4,000 negative reviews across its two versions.

We’ve rounded up a few of the most entertainingly irate for your reading pleasure:

By Irie “”

“I wouldn’t urinate on this game if it was on fire. The servers are so poorly done that you can no longer even save and load your games.”

By arfarr

“Why does this have to suck so bad?…If anyone needs me, I will be bulldozing EA headquarters.”

By Luis Alfonso Torres Esquer

“I bought this game and I can’t even play it. What’s this? EA should be punished by the Government and erased from the face of Earth. Everyone would be better without them. I wish there was a HUGE lawsuit against EA, just to try to make them finally hear their customers.”

Well, luckily for Luis, someone has already gone ahead and done that:

By HillBuzz dot ORG “HillBuzz dot ORG”

“Contacted state’s Attorney General’s office and filed formal complaint against EA/Origin/Maxis.”

And, finally the best of the best:

By Drew Grubich “Drew Grub”

“Dear EA/Maxis/Origin: You killed the child inside me…You’ve done terribly. You’ve ruined it. For everyone. Why? Because money. Because lack of foresight and smug, self-satisfied designs that would ensure we all had a SimLeech bloodsucking us for years to come. So it wouldn’t download. And now it won’t play. And now I can’t get my money back. Or even talk to anyone related to the game whatsoever. And even if it did play, the part of me that would enjoy it, he’s face down in a wading pool anyhow. Thanks. You’ve made my laptop my imagination’s Hiroshima.”

Amazon Takes Down Sim City, But Not Before The Haters Gave It More Than 4,000 One-Star Reviews