Anna Wintour Gets Promoted to a Position Created Just for Her

Anna Wintour

The Wintour of Our Content

Anna Wintour will add the newly created role of artistic director of Condé Nast to her existing duties as Vogue editor and editorial director of Teen Vogue, the Times reports.  The position was created in part to keep Ms. Wintour at Condé Nast, and should put an end the persistent (and persistently debunked) speculation that the Obama-supporting editrix could decamp for a plum ambassador gig. Condé is expected to make the announcement today. 

Ms. Wintour, who will celebrate her silver anniversary helming Vogue this summer, will take on some of Condé Nast chairman S.I. Newhouse’s former duties. Last fall, the 85-year-old Mr. Newhouse began to yield the reigns he had held at Condé, amid speculation on plans for his successor.

“Si Newhouse leaves a void, inevitably,” Charles H. Townsend, the chief executive of Condé Nast, told the Times. “Anna, without even having to think twice about it, is the most qualified person to pick up that torch and carry it into the future.” 

In addition to Ms. Wintour’s role at Vogue and Teen Vogue, she will take on “broader creative duties throughout the company, and having a say in its expanding portfolio of platforms, including the recent development of an entertainment division,” the Times reports.

“It is something I do a lot anyway in my role at Vogue,” Ms. Wintour told the Times about her new position, which she said she sees as “almost like being a one-person consulting firm.”

“I advise all sorts of people in the outside world, and really, I see this as an extension of what I am doing, but on a broader scale,” she said.

The New Yorker editor David Remnick said that he has already benefited from Ms. Wintour’s input and will continue to do so.

“I don’t expect Anna to be picking the cartoons or directing our war coverage,” Mr. Remnick said. “But I have asked her advice numerous times and always been grateful for it. She’s a great editor. Period.”

On a side note, are we the only ones who want to see Ms. Wintour’s taste in New Yorker cartoons?

Anna Wintour Gets Promoted to a Position Created Just for Her