Bill de Blasio Is Ticked Off About Paid Sick Days

de blasio clock
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio really wants you to know that one of his rivals in the mayor’s race, Council Speaker Christine Quinn, has bottled up legislation that would require paid sick days for workers in New York City. And Mr. de Blasio, who has been holding press conferences and stumping in churches on the issue for the last few months, has a new tool for the mission: a clock.

“I mentioned paid sick days, just want to give you an up to the moment report that, as of 7 o’clock as this forum began, it has been 2 years, 11 months, 11 days, 5 hours and 30 minutes since the paid sick day legislation was introduced in the New York City Council,” Mr. de Blasio declared during a mayoral forum last night. “It is an affront to democracy that between Mayor Bloomberg and Speaker Quinn there has not been a vote on paid sick days, this would be one of the most profound changes we can make in this city.”

Mr. de Blasio went on to let his audience know they could also follow the saga of the stalled bill online with a digital counter reminiscent of another political timekeeping device, the debt clock Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were fond of displaying on the campaign trail last year.

“And if you go on our website … you will see a new, exciting, interactive count-down,” the candidate correct himself here,” count-up clock, actually, showing how long it has been that democracy has been stifled in this city.”

Mr. de Blasio’s office announced the “Count-Up Clock” yesterday afternoon, and paired the “exciting” timekeeping device with an online petition to pressure both Ms. Quinn and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who also opposes the bill.

Watch Mr. de Blasio’s debate comments below:

(photo: Bill de Blasio Is Ticked Off About Paid Sick Days