Bloomberg Considering ‘Biggest Loser’ Competition for NYC

(Photo: Wikimedia)
(Photo: Wikimedia)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of the nation’s biggest proponents of government-sponsored health initiatives, may have a new policy idea thanks to a caller on his weekly radio show: a weight-loss competition similar to The Biggest Loser television series.

“People love the programs that you have instituted,” the caller declared. “I think if you did something where it would be ‘New York City, Biggest Loser,’ the boroughs’ ‘Biggest Loser.’ Put the boroughs in competition with each other, and you have it on the website.”

Mr. Bloomberg responded to the caller–who hailed from outside the five boroughs over in Long Island, it should be noted–and her suggestion very positively

“Love to do it, it’s a great idea. Let’s see if we can’t do some of that stuff,” Mr. Bloomberg said, launching into a broader defense of his various initiatives. “The competition thing is a great idea, I’m going to talk to a couple people about that.” Bloomberg Considering ‘Biggest Loser’ Competition for NYC