Bloomberg Slams ‘Anti-Bloomberg’ Mississippi’s Obesity Rate

Disapproval. (Photo: Getty)

Disapproval. Disgust. (Photo: Getty)

Earlier this week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg dismissed Mississippi–the state that recently passed an “anti-Bloomberg bill” to ban localities from requiring displayed calorie counts or restricting soda cup sizes in restaurants–as a “farce” with its efforts to block any importation of New York City’s  health initiatives. And, on his weekly WOR radio show this morning, Mr. Bloomberg took his argument to the next level by pointing to the Magnolia State’s obesity rate and the life expectancy of its citizens.

“You’ve got to love it,” the mayor exclaimed. “In the state with the highest rate of obesity, they passed a law that says you can’t do anything about it. Life expectancy in that part of the country is 20 years lower than it is in our part of the country. Thank about that! The average person lives 20 years less and they pass laws to keep … from making that better? If you wrote a book about it–if you wrote a movie–nobody would produce the movie. It would be so inconceivable, it would be ridiculous.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Bloomberg said he wasn’t going to lose any sleep over the matter, describing opposing opinions as merely part of the “democratic process.”

“Look, you can’t have it both ways,” he explained. “If you want democracy, then you’re going to have fits and starts. You’re going to have lots of input. You’re going to have dissenting views. … You’re going to take two [steps] forward, one back.  That comes with the democratic process. If you had a dictatorship, you wouldn’t have had that, but I don’t think that’d be a better form of government.” Bloomberg Slams ‘Anti-Bloomberg’ Mississippi’s Obesity Rate