Bramnick rips Dems’ jobless rate criticism

TRENTON – Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick fired back at Democrats’ criticism today of the jobless rate under Gov. Chris Christie.

“New Jersey has added more than 117,000 jobs in the past three years, after losing almost as many in 2009 when Corzine Democrats ran Trenton,” Bramnick said.

“The types of policies supported by Jon Corzine’s budget chairwoman made New Jersey unaffordable and cost us jobs because of wasteful spending and high taxes.”

That is a reference to Sen. Barbara Buono, then-budget panel chair and current Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

Earlier today, state Democratic Committee Chairman Assemblyman John Wisniewski criticized jobless rates during the Christie administration and championed Buono who he said would lead the fight for an increased minimum wage.

But Christie consistently has said the more important numbers are the actual increases in private-sector growth.

“The numbers speak for themselves,” Bramnick said, “under Governor Christie, New Jersey is creating jobs others have lost.”

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  Bramnick rips Dems’ jobless rate criticism