Compares Herman Cain’s Critics to Jim Crow ‘Dog’ and ‘Fire Hose’ Attacks

The photo that illustrated the story on Herman Cain.

The photo that illustrated the story on Herman Cain.

The news that former presidential candidate Herman Cain joined Fox News as a contributor last month got some negative reviews from media pundits and one writer believes the criticism of Mr. Cain is racist and comparable to the violence inflicted on African-American protesters during the Civil Rights movement. In an article that appeared Friday on “Big Journalism,” the media section of the conservative web network started by the late Andrew Breitbart, writer John Nolte compared members of the “media establishment” who have criticized Mr. Cain to infamous Alabama lawman Eugene “Bull” Connor, who notoriously ordered fire hoses and police dogs to be used against anti-Jim Crow protesters.

“No one is claiming Herman Cain is perfect, but there is no question he is currently being singled out as the sexualized clownish idiot based solely on the color of his skin. This is what the left and elite media always do to those who ‘don’t know their place,'” Mr. Nolte wrote. “In the segregated South, racist whites (almost all of them Democrats) used the exact same tactics to keep blacks from obtaining political power. The only difference is that today “Bull” Connor (another Democrat) is the media establishment, the dogs are the likes of Chuck Todd, Joe Scarborough, and Howard Kurtz, and the fire hose is The Narrative.”

To hammer Mr. Nolte’s point home, an accompanying photo showed a dramatic, vintage image of African-Americans being battered with a high-pressure hose.

Mr. Nolte based his argument on several reports that referenced the series of sex scandals that ultimately derailed Mr. Cain and a Baltimore Sun article that described Mr. Cain as lacking “mental dexterity and nimbleness.” He also highlighted a Tweet from comedian and television host Bill Maher mocking the scandals by joking that Mr. Cain, “likes working with Fox team, particularly some of them fine-ass white women they got there.” According to Mr. Nolte, this reception was clear indication of a pattern where “the left and the media” attempt to engage in a campaign of “othering” Mr. Cain by questioning his intelligence or characterizing him as “an over-sexualized black predator.” Mr. Nolte contrasts this with the treatment of scandal-scarred liberal pundits including ex-CNN and Current TV host Eliot Spitzer, who resigned as governor in New York due to a prostitution flap.

“This is the same media that have  embraced a number of controversial figures tainted by scandal,” wrote Mr. Nolte.

Of course, when Mr. Spitzer landed his media jobs, there was no shortage of media coverage that focused on and even mocked his scandalous past.

Mr. Cain certainly has taken some hits in the media media, but he most certainly hasn’t faced any violence. Politicker reached out to Mr. Nolte and Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak to see whether they thought comparing the treatment of Mr. Cain to Jim Crow atrocities could be seen as trivializing the violence of that era. As of this writing, we have yet to receive a response. Compares Herman Cain’s Critics to Jim Crow ‘Dog’ and ‘Fire Hose’ Attacks