Brian Boucher Named ‘Art in America’ Online Editor

(Photo by Damani Moyd)

Boucher. (Photo by Damani Moyd)

Brian Boucher has been named the new online editor of Art in America, the magazine announced today.

Mr. Boucher, formerly AIA’s associate editor and news editor, replaces Alex Gartenfeld, who is leaving to become curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami.

“I’m thrilled to take over editing the website,” Mr. Boucher wrote. “We all wish Alex the best at his new gig, and he will be a tough act to follow, but I hope to continue to bring a great mix of informative, timely and entertaining news, interviews and features to the site.”

Art in America, which is owned by mega-collector Peter Brant, recently celebrated its 100th anniversary with a redesign. Mazel, Brian!

Brian Boucher Named ‘Art in America’ Online Editor